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Science and Religion Are Different

Why I teach STEM

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Physics is a lie?!

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Physics and Life

Physics and Math

Deepest mysteries of science

The essential skill of thinking statistically

Getting a PhD in physics

3rd Rock from the Sun ← Dr. Dick Solomon was an extraterrestrial physics professor on the classic show 3rd Rock from the Sun

"I don't know how to teach. I'm a professor!" - Professor Farnsworth

A photon checks into a hotel, and the bellhop asks him if he has any luggage. The photon replies, "No, I'm traveling light."

Fun projects!

Wanna have fun and learn computers?

Wanna help make the world's fastest "supercomputer" more powerful with minimal effort?

Python is a wonderful programming language that can be extended using the VPython module, which allows us to easily make 3D animations! Check out my GlowScript VPython scripts (GlowScript runs VPython code in a web browser)!
If you sign in to, you can copy and paste my code into your own projects so that you can play around with it! I briefly explain the physics and math of my codes here.

Open-source puzzle games are great! I made these sites to provide solutions to several of them... (GNU Robbo, Magicor, and Epiphany) (Hex-a-hop)

I made a game, some useful stuff, and a fun graphics program on my TI graphing calculators!
Click the magnifying glass to the left of the programs for more info.
I give some ideas to get you started programming here.

MATLAB is a popular program. Here are my various for-fun projects...
Even though GNU Octave exists (a free-of-charge open-source MATLAB imitator), I no longer love the idea of publishing MATLAB code because GNU Octave is slow and limited. MATLAB has some cutting-edge toolboxes that are very good, but, for basic programming, I prefer Python for exploring an idea, and then, if trying for a massive speed increase, converting the code to C++. Converting MATLAB code to Python or C++ helped me learn about these great languages!

When I completely finish a coding project, I publish it on my GitHub: I then remove it from

Making LEDs light up to a song or reenact scenes from Stranger Things using an Arduino!
After doing this, you may wish to control mains electricity using a relay and Arduino (over WiFi!)
Finally, the easiest (and most expensive) project of them all: control Christmas tree lights using an Arduino!
Wanna do audio with an Arduino?
Doing all the above with a Raspberry Pi!

Making a good water-bottle rocket is simple if you take a moment to actually think about the design!

A dream of mine is to find the logical structure of the human brain. Here are my speculations on what I call fundamental psychology. Having my ideas be tested or getting expert feedback would be a dream come true for me, so please share them with anyone who could help! I can provide more detail if requested. I have the hunch that my ideas are mostly correct, but testing them may be currently mostly impossible.