Protecting the Human Race

by Bradley Knockel

Many of the links below are from the Kurzgesagt YouTube channel. Can you trust them? I struggle with finding what I consider to be objective sources, and I hope to at least get close to the facts.

Universe killers

Threats to all complex life on Earth

Other serious concerns

This is a very incomplete list. There are many more concerns that the next sections may address.

What society needs to do to maintain current global population that can achieve a comfortable standard of living

Global problems are a relatively new challenge for humans to solve. Global problems need international solutions. Luckily, the scientific community is good at collaborating internationally. Scientists just need the funding! Sometimes, private industry can find enough money. Regardless, individuals and communities will play a key role in inspiring politicians and entrepreneurs to make the necessary changes. Personally, even if some countries or the majority of voters do the wrong thing, I want to be able to one day tell my grandkids that I was smart about trying to prevent the global crises.

We individual humans can do our part

Is there anything individuals can do? Yes, we can make smart decisions by being well informed. But knowledge can do harm before it does good. From my experience, knowledge often comes in three steps: (1) an oversimplified or wrong story mistakenly given to young children, (2) the moral superiority and extremism of a young adult who starts to learn that reality is different from what they were once told, and (3) the balanced mind of an educated, experienced, and wise adult. The second step is where knowledge can do har, and the final step is never fully reached, so keep in mind that making mistakes is part of the endless learning process! Please do your own thorough research before making any huge changes, but I recommend that we all do little life experiments when we can!